3 Tips to improve Gym Member’s experience

Everything seems good when you are running a gym and your members seem happy. But till when? What if they start leaving your gym and joining your competitor? What will you do to maintain your gym members and keep them engaged? These tips will give you an idea.

Tips to improve Gym Member’s Experience!

Keep your gym hygienic

Do you regularly check if your gym is clear or not? Do you take feedback from your members regarding improvement related to hygiene? Make sure to hire a cleaning service and make sure proper hygiene is maintained in the gym. Lack of cleanliness can turn off members and that can lead to signing off from your gym permanently. 

Additional Services

You can add some extra fitness facility, yoga classes or similar services. Just a little extra service will help you to keep your members. Some club management software providers also integrate member app with their software. Member app can help your club member to remain active in fitness activities such as group heart rate training and much more. For example, Fitsense member app provides features such as Group heart rate, body composition analysis, Customer Relationship Management and rewards.

  • Group heart rate: Keep your member motivated by providing accurate tracking of their efforts all throughout their workout. It utilizes heart rate tracking technology.
  • Customer relationship management: Scheduling emails, SMS messages and calls all made easy with automation technology. Helps retain non attending members and you can broadcast promotions too.
  • Body composition analysis: Allows members to measure, record and track their body composition through member app.
  • FitSense Rewards: Incentivise club activity with exciting and high perceived value rewards with the rewards system. It helps to improve member retention and activity.

Maintain your equipment

Gym equipment should be replaced if found faulty. It can be annoying to gym members if they found gym equipment not working properly. So, make sure to maintain the equipment. Replace the equipment if required. Just make sure that faulty equipment should not cause any problem. 

These are a few tips you need to follow to improve the gym member’s experience. 


Is Opening a Health club Profitable?

Looking forward to opening a gym? If your gym business can be a success or a failure. It’s a risk but if you know what you are doing and how to handle business then it could be a success too. If you manage a gym well then it can also exceed your daily membership and subscriptions, thus becoming a profitable venture. So, gym management is the most important aspect of improving the gym business. What more can you do to make your gym a profitable one? This blog may help you.

Look for the population, size of the gym and how accessible is it to the public:

You may want to start your business in a diverse area. And hope that population in that area is health conscious. Getting customers who are aware of health and fitness benefit can be a boon to your business.  Keep in mind the equipment’s you require and choose the premise accordingly. Also, you need to make sure that your health club is visible to your customers.

Basic Equipment for a Gym Business:

Here are few lists of equipment’s needed to start a new health club.

  • Benches, Presses, Racks, Bars and barbells, and Dumbbells.
  • Some other equipment’s you can buy are cable machine, exercise bikes, treadmill, cross trainer, and rowing machine.
  • Also, Steps, exercise mats, jumping ropes, cardio dumbbells, mirrors, muscle system, exercise balls and counter.

You can start with basic and low costing equipment’s and then according to customer demand, you can go for the costlier once. Remember, gym and fitness are growing.

If you want to auto manage your health club then you can get a club management software for your business. It will help you to focus more on your business. So, it’s better to get a club management solution ex Clubwise.

Overall, managing a gym and getting profit out of your business is challenging and it require lots of hard work, business understanding and some luck too.

The Benefits of Club Management Cloud Software

Cloud software is what runs on the internet, and not on the physical computer. You might think, why should I move my data to the cloud? But this cloud is not the regular one, and your data will be far secure. Be sure that there are few positive benefits in moving your club business to the cloud. So make sure to buy the cloud-based club management software.

Most importantly, a cloud-based club management solution will let you focus more on your business instead of just on your software. You really don’t need to trust the vendor to manage security, scalability, application maintenance and upgrades. You can also take your business to the new region without outgrowing your cloud computing resources. All thanks to the world-class data centres.

Club Management Easy Hacks

Managing a club is no easy job and you need to make sure everything is managed properly. If your club is new then you really need to be the best to beat the best. Anyway, there are easy hacks that can help you easily manage your club. With the growth in technology and digital advancement, there has been an improvement in the efficiency in the club management sector. Below are a few easy hacks for club management.

Regular Feedback:
You might be thinking you are running your club exceptionally well. Without the survey, you will never know what changes you should do for the growth of your business. So just carry out regular surveys and do follow the feedback seriously. Evaluate the strength and weakness of your club.

Club Management Solution:
Get an all in one club management software ie a software with multi-functionality. The software is meant to automate the activities in the club. Using a club management solution can help you to improve the productivity of the gym.

Why Use Direct debit for your Health Club

Let’s check some benefits that you can get by using a direct debit collection service.

  1. Get Rid of late payment
    Once authorisation of direct debit is done, you can collect payment whenever it’s due. That too automatically without any worries. So no more worries about late payment. This is the issue which troubles lots of health clubs as your proper payment is what necessary for your business growth.
  2. Saves Time
    Direct debit saves your admin time as its fully automated. Payment is automated and practically you don’t need to do much.
  3. Reduces Payment Failure
    Direct debit uses bank details instead of card details. So payment failure risk is low.
  4. Easy to set up
    Direct debit is maybe not much easy to set up! But with ClubWise it is easy. No matter the size of your business, you can easily set up direct debit. Know more about ClubWise Direct debit collection services.

Is Club Management software useful for Health Clubs?

Club Management solution is all you need to manage your health and fitness clubs. If you are the owner and started a new business then it will surely help you to manage your club easily. Just make sure you get all in one fully integrated club management software.

While selecting the best club management solution, make sure to choose the one with multiple functionalities. It should integrate with the access control system, grant individual privileges to each member. Also, the point of sale feature will help you to generate extra revenue.

One of the great challenges of any club is member retention. A member app can help you a lot to keep your club member engaged. For example, FitSense app offers a unique feature of group heart rate training. So some of the activities such as these can help you to keep your club management engaged.

Don’t go for the cheap ones, choose the one trusted by club owners. ClubWise is trusted by 1000+ club owners. Also, you can get a Free Demo. Let us know which software you use for club management.

Why Access Control System is so much important?

Access control solution is what being adopted by business all over.
So who should actually access your company’s data? Can you deny or permit access to a particular user? The answer is Yes, by installing the access control system.

Getting an access control solution reduces the chance of any theft or unwarranted access. Also, you don’t need to carry any keys so no worries of any key lost. Access can be though biometric, QR code or card scan. It’s better if you get a club management solution that integrates the access control system. Always go for all in one club management solution.

So what’s your thought about access control solution? Let us know!