How to improve gym business revenue


Owning a gym or a fitness business is a matter of pride. Maintaining proper cash flow is challenging. One of the best ways to improve cash flow is to find other means of revenue streams that could fit your gym. You just need to brainstorm on what exactly you can do. Looking for side income can help you sustain long-term, rather than just depending on membership sales. Here are a few ways to increase gym revenue.

Offer nutrition session:  Offering consulting sessions for your members will help them to improve their diet. This will be beneficial for both, your members and you. This will be good for also members who are complaining about no results. Overall, you will generate side income and improve the health of your members. 

Skill Sessions – Offering performance tracking to your athletes has its benefits. Use the data you are tracking to convince members how adding personal training in addition to group classes can benefit them. For example: if you see your athletes snatch numbers have not gone up in 6 months it might be the right opportunity to sell your athlete skills sessions to tweak their snatch form and improve their performance. Another obvious example is providing private on-ramp sessions for athletes like me who are timid to learn in the class setting and like the 1 on 1 attention to learn the skills even faster.

Offer Small Group training: Personal training may not be affordable for every member. Why not offer small group training sessions? The personalized experience will motivate them as in this way they get to work out with friends. This will help you to improve your gym revenue and create a good environment for your gym or health club.

Special programs: 

Run the specialized 1-month program and target different fitness goals. This can be a great revenue for your health club. You can market special programs and you may also attract new members. So, it’s overall a win-win situation for your gym business. 

These are some tips to improve gym business revenue. 


Do you really need Health Club Management Software?

Health club management software makes it easy to manage members, schedule class, collect payments and more. Manual club management is far more complicated and requires paperwork. So generally, a club software will help you to automate all your work. So the question is, do you need a health club management software for your business? Here are a few points which will help you clear your doubts. 

What services do you offer?

First of all, you need to understand, what exact features would you require from health club management software. Classes & training are essential features and to manage that you will need software. Getting software will help you to eliminate mismanagement. You can offer to add ons & drive max value from your membership. Also, if you have a member engagement plan then a club software will be essential.

How much time did you invest in manual club management? 

One of the best benefits of getting club management software is that you get a good time to focus more on your business. You save time that you would invest in manual club management. Also, automation gives you a clearer perspective of your gym business. You could handle all your tasks with ease and still, you will have ample time to think more about your gym business. 

Payment processing made easy

A club software integrated with an automatic payment method such as direct debit makes it much easier to maintain the regular cash flow. This way you don’t need to worry about monthly payment as it will automatically be debited from member’s account on the date they choose. So it’s better to get the software with billing integration. 

Access control

Easily grant or block access of your members easily with an qr code access control system. This helps you to restrict access to members for a location or give special access. 

So decide yourself, do you need a health club management software? Let me know in the comment section. 

How to Improve retention and inspire loyalty in your members


Member retention is one of the biggest challenges for member-based business. However, it costs less to retain existing customers than it does to find new ones. Here are a few tips to improve retention and inspire loyalty in your members.


You need to understand your members. There might be some communication barriers and other problems that may have isolated you from their views. So, it is very important to send out a survey. It will make you realize if you can meet their needs or not. This will help you to boost your member retention. Also, take a survey from those who are opting out of the membership as you will understand why.

Manage your members via member management software

Technologies have reduced the attention span of people. So, what worked in the 90s and early 2000s, might not work in 2020. Paperwork, check payment and paper communication, can push people away. Better get an all in one member management software. Luckily, there are lots of software solutions available to improve member management of any organization. 

So, what are the benefits of a member management solution?

  • Online registration for members/events
  • Automatic billing (Via Direct debit collection)
  • Automated CRM
  • Database that is easy to search & update
  • Access member information & also defaulters easily
  • Grant access to members via access control
  • POS solution for side income
  • Storage scalability 
  • and much more

Loyalty rewards (Long term incentive plan)

A long-term incentive plan is a must for your existing customers. Reward your current members with loyalty points and make them feel that they are valued. By doing this they might extend their membership for the long term and this will boost your member retention. Introducing a long term incentive or loyalty rewards should be top priority to improve your member retention.

These are a few ways that can help you to improve your member retention and improve the cash flow of your member-based business.

Best ways to boost member retention in Gym


One of the primary worries of any gym owner is member retention. You always worry about retaining the existing members. As your gym keep growing and new members join your gym, you really need to find ways to retain your members. Also, it’s very difficult and costly to acquire new gym members. So, what are the best ways to boost member retention?

  • Answer member’s query without delay

Ask you team to take decision and answer any query of members. It’s better if your customer service solves the issues without much delay. It will really make your brand more connected to your members. And if their queries are getting solved quickly, your members will think twice before quitting your gym. 

  • Apologize for your mistakes

No one is perfect in this world, and if you made any mistake then do apologise for it. Honesty and transparency are required, and people really value that. It is very important to be honest with your gym member. Also, if you apologize, your members will have tremendous respect for you. 

  • Check if your members are satisfied

Member satisfaction is most important and if your members are not satisfied then surely it will impact your member retention. You must find out if your customer is happy or not and care the feedbacks received by a few unhappy customers. You can use surveys to find out more about your members like and dislikes. 

If you take care about these three points, then maybe your gym member retention will improve. Give more value to your members and listen to what they say about your gym. Take criticism in a positive way and focus more on improvement rather than proving your point. Get a club management software and let it handle all the management part of your fitness club. Hope this blog will help you to improve your business.

Disadvantages of Manual Club Management


In this modern era, some people still manage their health club manually like the early 80s and 90s. Achieving efficiency is a challenging task, as what you get from automation will never be achieved. Without software, it may be tedious to keep the total count of employees, members. Also, the attendance part can result in a proxy. The software makes a difference as it improves efficiency and reliability. So, let see what the disadvantages of manual club management. 

Lack of storage

The paperwork requires a good amount of storage space. As the paperwork increases, there will be an increase in document size. As data will increase the documents number will increase too. Also, this will consume space. There will be a lack of storage space. So, it’s better to get software for club member management, as it will not consume physical space. 

Data Modification

Editing paper documents are much more difficult. You need to keep a copy of every document whenever you make any changes. So, this consumes time and increases the cost. This disadvantage is hard to ignore. 

Time Wastage 

Manual Club management is a very time-consuming job. Handling documents and transporting at a different place will be tricky. To carry so many documents is a task itself. But with an IT tool such as a pen drive, you can travel and carry your docs with ease. 


There is no comparison between paper documents and electronic systems. As documents can be stolen or might be misused. Also, if you lost all your documents somewhere, it might be very difficult to get them all back. The client expects you to keep all their data securely, breaking their trust may lead to losing them. So, it’s better to get an all in one club management solution for your business, as it offers the security of all your documents. 

Advantages of a Cloud based Club Management Software

Cloud-based Gym or Club management software is very popular among fitness club, gym, and other health industries. And almost every company is ready or eager to adopt this technology primarily for its member management. In a Cloud-based system, your data is on an external server and you need to access it through the web. Most important is that your data is more safe and secure. 

Cloud-based software allows great mobility and accessibility, also it is cost-effective. The data is stored in the server of the entity that provides the solution which you need to access via the internet. It is becoming very popular among business be it fitness or any other industry.

Why prefer a cloud-based club management solution? 

Pay for the Use

You just need to pay monthly or yearly for the cloud-based software. The plan depends on the individual ie their health club size and budget. Also, you need not worry about the storage capacity of the service provider. Also, some of them provide free demo for a month so that you can use the software before purchasing it and decide for yourself. 

High performance 

A business using a cloud system can use high performance and a robust system at a lower price. Neither you need to worry about maintenance nor security or support. All services are taken care of by the provider. Just log in to the system and enjoy the benefits. 

Accessibility is good

A cloud-based solution is compatible with many devices be it mobile or PC as a just internet connection is required. So, you can easily manage your club via cloud-based software be it in office or somewhere else. As data is in the cloud no need to worry about the system. 

Good Scalability

It also has good scalability, i.e. if a business needs more storage than they can change requests for additional storage, they need not install new software for this purpose. 

Which Cloud-based club management software suits your business? 

The problem is that there is different software out there and many of them may not be suitable for your business. So how big is your business? How many employees work there? How many members are there? What is your budget? So, it’s better to go for the software that is suitable for your health club or gym business. It should improve your member management and overall productivity. We recommend you get an all-rounder cloud based club management software. It will be enough for managing all aspects of your health club business. 

Club Management 2020

The fitness industry is on rising and it is considered a very profitable one. It’s better if you get a club management software for your business. With the help of the software, you can utilize your time saved in developing your business. What if you get an all-rounder system that helps you manage your gym or health club easily and yield some profits. What will be the requirement from an integrated club software in 2020? 

Sales boost

An all in one club software does every normal task automatically. Also, automation helps you to save time and think more about the productivity of your health club. POS (Point of Sales) records all your sales and offers various facilities too. You can sell food, drinks, clothing and much more and record the sales on the POS system. So, getting a club software will help you to boost your sales overall. 

Easy Management

Manage your gym easily with automation. Member management, scheduling, and similar tasks can easily be managed by a club manager. Other tasks such as Simple Staff Management, Automated billings, Booking and Scheduling and more can be performed efficiently. 

Member Retention

Retaining the existing members is a very difficult and challenging task to do. Your competition can overtake your business and your existing members may shift to another club. So, what can you do to stop this from happening? The answer is simple, just get a club management app that has an integrated member app for their club members. For example, Fitsense offer loyalty points to their existing customers and motivate them to complete their goal.

Overall Management Boost

 So, any health club or gym will require to get club management system that performs overall tasks. Also, paperless work will make it easier for you to manage your health club. Automation in gym management will surely skyrocket your business in the long run. Make sure to get the best club software for your business. 

Strategies to improve your small gym business

Gym going stats is over 50 million and this number is growing rapidly. Almost 70% of those people who join never go to the gym after a month or two. So, what might be the reason for this lower number of retention. Improving the gym is the solution to this problem. It might seem like a challenging task, but you can improve your small gym business. If your gym is small and has a limited budget for improvement, then it might be challenging for you to improve it more. To improve your gym, you need to follow these tips mentioned below. 

  1. Improve your marketing strategy.

Right marketing will help you gather a crowd at your gym, which can convert into customers. Be more active on social media and create ads for brand awareness. Prefer online ads as it is a cheaper and accurate mode of promotion. Choose the right channel for promotion. Communicate with your members online and answer their queries.  

2. Get a Gym Management Software

Getting a gym software will reduce your workload, and it will help you to manage your gym properly. A gym management software with features such as member management, automatic billing system, access control integration and member app are much preferred.  

3.Customer Service

Maintaining good customer service is important. Good customer service plays an important role in improving word of mouth publicity. Any business suffers due to the lack of good customer service. Value each member’s opinion and it could help you improve your business. Note down important criticism and take it positively. Find out what is working in your favor. Help your customer in every possible way and maintain good professional relationship with them.

When members are not motivated to hit the gym, they will prefer to skip it. So, improve your gym retention by following the above-mentioned points. 

How to run a successful gym business?

Opening a gym because of dedication towards fitness and helping others to reach their fitness goal is one thing and being successful in that is another thing. If you were a fitness trainer and have started a new fitness business, then you might be surprised to discover just how much you need to know when it comes to business, staff management, marketing and billing.

You need to manage them all, from the hiring process to the mentorship of trainers. Leading a team is very difficult but overwhelming. Let’s find out how to run a successful gym business.


Take your time in the hiring process. Hiring a good instructor is crucial and it will impact your gym growth. It might take some time to find the right staff for your gym business. Hire someone who has a good experience and have a passion for the job. The right person will surely stay longer. 

Be available: 

Always be available to solve issues of your gym trainer. Be it work or personal related issues. Ask your trainer and other staff to come to you first if they face any problem. Just be approachable and interesting in listening to their concerns and queries. It will really impact the overall picture. 

Take Feedback:

Take regular or monthly feedback from your existing & new members. Also, note down all the negatives and positives. Work on things that need to be discussed with your staff and try to improve them. Also, it’s great to get feedback from your staff as it can really help you to improve a lot.

Reward Trainers:

Make sure to reward trainers who are doing their job very well. Offer them bonuses and other rewards. Also, give them a commission for a new signup. Appreciate them whenever required as people love appreciation. Trainers like to get appreciated for the work they do. So, rewarding trainers is very important to run a successful gym business. 

Get a Gym Management Software:

A gym management software will help you in various tasks such as member management, automatic billing, access control, member retention and engagement, inhouse product selling, and others. So better get a gym software for your business. 

Top 4 Gym management trends

Technology is changing very rapidly, and it has led to great development in every area. There has been great technology & innovation in the gym management software too. Fitness centre requires lots of features from a gym management software. Find the list of some interesting trends in health club management software below. 

1.Very user-friendly

A user-friendly system is mostly preferred by the gym owner. As users of a gym management system do not have much time to learn every functionality. So, a user-friendly system is much preferred than a complicated system. So there has been a trend in the improvement of UI. The gym management software with the best UI will be mostly preferred by gym owners. 

 2.Automated Billing

Regular cash flow gives confidence to the gym owner and other staff working at the gym. An automated billing system such as direct debit makes a regular payment process smooth. Automated billing also reduces administration and saves a lot of time. So, this is one of the most essential features of gym software. 

 3.Point of sale

Selling retail goods is becoming a trend and lots of gyms have started this in their physical location. So, the club management software should be able to handle all these sales efficiently. There has also been an increase in the ability for members to purchase retail goods via a member app, making the sales process quick and easy. The gym owner needs to understand and should do an analysis of trending products and the ones not selling. The one’s not selling should be discontinued immediately. 

4.Mobile App

A mobile app is a must for a gym management system, as everything is mobile. People prefer the mobile app more so it’s better to utilize this medium very well. It is much easier to remain connected to the members via a member app. With a good mobile app, you can offer check in features, in app class bookings and other retention boosting features such as an integrated points-based loyalty programme, workout tracker and body composition analysis.  

Mobile Apps are becoming more popular for gym management too, we have seen an increase in club management apps, that free you up from behind the desk and allow you to carry out club and member management tasks on the gym floor, helping you interact with your members more freely.

These are a few gym management software trends. So, what do you think will be the future of gym management? Let us know in the comment section below.